Podcast section – Voices of Nature

The Sustainable Mag launches a podcast section. On its path towards a more fascinating and “contagious” sustainability, is proud to share the vision of “Voices of Nature”, a podcast by Global Conservation Corps.

Hosted by Bob Ludke, a GCC advisor and contributor to The Sustainable Mag, Voices of Nature is dedicated to sharing the voices of innovative and passionate leaders committed to saving and protecting the world’s most threatened natural resources.

Entrepreneurs, sociologists, corporate executives, academic experts, journalists, explorers, and scientists are among the guests on Voices of Nature.

While their backgrounds and their solutions for protecting nature are diverse, they are united in a mission for achieving a sustainable future.

Rocking Sustainability to lead to a better Future!

1. Matt Lindenberg

Founder and Executive Director The Global Conservation Corps

2. Anton Mzimba

Head of Field Ranger Services
Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

3. Allison Devlin

Head of Field Ranger Services
Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

4. Cara Khan

Entrepreneurial Humanitarian Disability Advocate | Aspiring Author

5. Michele Sofisti

Career Luxury Brand Executive Photographer | Sofos Management

6. Kate Vannelli

Career Conservationist
Photographer | GCC FR Program Director

7. Jean-Claude Biver

Former CEO TAG Heuer
Watchmaker | Cheesemaker

8. Aristide Takoukam

National Geographic Explorer | Founder: African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization (AMMCO)

9. Ellen Miles

Nature is a Human Right

10. Ankita Anand

Award-Winning Journalist, Writer, and Poet

11. John Jurko

GCC Creative Director and Filmmaker


12. Telmo Pievani

Full professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Padua