The Noble Cut of Recarlo Diamonds

As Marilyn Monroe used to sing: Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Are they also friends of the planet? To Recarlo the answer is yes. The jewelry house, founded in 1967 in Valenza, by the Re family and famous for the heart-cut diamond, has been committed for several years to the development of sustainable practices.

How can diamonds be sustainable?

The purchase of a diamond is the result of an articulated decision-making process that, most of the time, is based on the beauty of the object or the quality of the stone. On the other hand, it is more difficult to consider the dynamics behind the extraction and marketing of said stone.

We have often read about scandals linked to the diamond industry in the past, but luckily, and thanks in part to the pressure of public opinion, many companies have worked to make the industry more responsible.

Recarlo is a great example. The company took the path towards sustainability very seriously and set important milestones to reach that goal. In 2020, the brand obtained the certification of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) about the origin of diamonds. The RJC is a prestigious non-profit international organization of which more than 1,400 companies are part; its core mission is to promote responsible practices from an ethical, social and environmental point of view in the jewelry supply chain.

But that’s not all. Recarlo diamonds come from countries that adhere to the “Kimberley Process“, a certification agreement whose purpose is to ensure that profits from the diamond business are not used to finance civil wars.

Recarlo diamonds

“Our Promise to You”, Recarlo’s promise

Last February, Recarlo took another step in the development of its plan toward a more sustainable supply chain. With the launch of the “Our Promise to You” program, the brand unveiled its strategic sustainability plan based on 3 pillars: People, Planet and Product.

The goal? To contribute to making a positive impact in the jewelry industry where tradition and craftsmanship will remain the beating heart of the entire project.

People are crucial. And so Recarlo invests in the professional development of its employees by promoting diversity and social inclusion inside and outside the company. It supports the valorization of the territory and the legacy of the goldsmith masters through the sponsorship of the “Mani intelligenti Foundation“, through which the Valenza artisans transmit the inestimable heritage of the craftsmanship to the younger generations. Last but not least, the Maison will collaborate with companies and associations in the industry to promote innovation and fine craftsmanship, which has always been one of the founding values of its business.

“Our Promise to You”, the brand’s love promise for the diamond production chain, people and the environment.

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