Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity to make a balance.

Needless to say 2020 has not been a brilliant year for humankind, no one excluded. But it is in the darkest moment –when everything seems to be crashing drown — that people pull their best out, aiming for the better and big changes come about.

At The Sustainable Mag we had a challenging year, one rich in emotions, connections with great people, inspirations and sometimes bewilderment for what the world brought to us.  Indeed, what touched me the most is the positive energy people exude when talking about sustainability and their efforts to make this world a better place.

So I must stress the good 2020 brought with it.

  1. Sustainability finally got under the international spotlight, entering into governments’ agendas and bringing money for innovation, culture and technology
  2. Finance is driving investments in sustainable companies, many of those are made up of young people
  3. Young generations are back on the stage and big companies, designers, entrepreneurs and governments are finally focusing their attention on them, making them as important as they were back in the times of the second industrial revolution
  4. The pandemic repurposed the value and importance of human relationships at the expense of social connection

Well, now it is your chance to sit down and prepare a list of important sustainable resolutions you want to make to live a sustainable lifestyle. My goal is to give you what our resolutions are in order for you to get inspired and follow –because a sustainable lifestyle is not only possible, but also fun.

  1. Sustainability: day after day, make sustainability even more fascinating and interesting for others
  2. Young generations: give voice to young generations who crave for sustainable products and fight for human rights, inclusivity and diversity
  3. Artists: art, music, fashion & entertainment have always been in the front row of change. In the new year we will rock even more sustainability by giving space to artists who meet it
  4. Effort: contribute to support start-ups that make of sustainability their asset while endorsing big brands who are investing in sustainability
  5. Positive messages: Give even more space to positive messages talking about successful products and people because the market is full of sustainable companies that are making money while taking care of the planet

Earlier this evening, while standing on my balcony watching the fireworks, I couldn’t help it but to think that up until not too long ago we would stand in our balconies clapping our hands to express our gratitude to the legions of doctors and sanitary workers who were fighting to save our lives.

Today, while being distanced for our own safety, each of us in their own balcony is praying and celebrating the end of this year, a not so great one to say the least. Let us embrace one another albeit virtually to give each other strength and optimism looking at a brighter tomorrow, full of hope and desire to keep on going.

Last but not least, my personal resolution:

To keep on working to inform people about sustainable practices in order to let them become the drivers of positive change!

To conclude, let me personally thank the wonderful people in my Team who contribute to make The Sustainable Mag, the leading sustainable hub among young generations.

Thank you and Happy New Year,

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