Salvatore Ferragamo Promotes Social Inclusion with “The Hiring Chain”

Social inclusion has finally become a “hot” topic and fashion companies are proud to do their part in being promoters of change.

Salvatore Ferragamo is the first Italian fashion house to have responded to the global campaign “The Hiring Chain” hiring the first person with Down syndrome.

“The Hiring Chain” Campaign

The Hiring chain is a global campaign launched by Coordown on March 21st on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day to promote job inclusion.

On video, the world-renowned singer Sting speaks to the world about how important it is to hire a person with Down syndrome. A practice that starts a virtuous chain. The more people with Down syndrome are seen at work, the more they will be recognized as valuable employees, and the more they’ll be hired. An injection of positive energy generated by the first hiring that brings along with it trust, transforming exclusion into social inclusion.

How Does the Job Placement work?

The associations that collaborate with Coordown provide information and support to start the placement of the person with Down syndrome within the company. It is a smart campaign that, in addition to raising public awareness about the role of each person in society, helps companies along the way by simplifying process and inclusion.

Salvatore Ferragamo and its commitment towards social inclusion

Ferragamo is the first Italian fashion brand to take the step by hiring a person with Down syndrome. Coordown and the association Trisomia 21 of Florence will support the brand in the placement process of a person in one of their offices in Florence.

“We embraced “The Hiring Chain” campaign with great enthusiasm because we believe it is a priority to make the working environment a place of enrichment, and diversity in this path, is a fundamental value. My hope is that this assumption will be the first of a series and other companies will follow our example.”

Salvatore Ferragamo CEO Micaela le Divelec Lemmi

Since the launch of the campaign, more than 900 companies from all over the world have contacted the associations involved in it and decided to adhere to the appeal launched by The Hiring Chain.

Useful information and Q&A are available on The Hiring Chain,to immediately understand how the employment process works. In addition, there is a specific area where companies can publish their job offer.

The most impressive thing of it all is the contagious smile of Ben and Giulia, just to name a few who, thanks to this campaign are already employed.

the hiring chain campaign
Courtesy of CorrDown

As Sting sings: “The baker hired Simone and everyone saw that she was good at her job. The lawyer went to the baker, saw Simone at work and hired John because the baker hired Simone. The dentist went to the lawyer, saw John and hired Sophie because he saw John from the lawyer who saw Simone from the baker”.

Social inclusion is a circle. Let us start!

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