Introducing the Soul-Sustainability Glossary

Sustainability is a journey, a lifestyle, a faith.

Everyone talks about it, but who is actually following a sustainable lifestyle?

Many people dream a book like “How to become a sustainable person” to get done.
This is wrong. Do not be fooled.

Embracing sustainability is a journey. A step by step process, that takes place inside out rather than the other way around. Let’s say you need to understand – really understand- that the work begins from deep within.

It may seem overwhelming and complicated at first, but remember that this does not happen overnight and we all need to begin somewhere. That said, no one expects you to go from 0 straight to 100.

how to embrace sustainbaility

What is the Soul-Sustainability glossary?

The Soul-Stainability Glossary is here to accompany you through this process.

Every two weeks we will take a step forward. Starting from A we will follow the alphabetical order and select a meaningful word relative to adopting a sustainable behavior. One that can become your new mantra or monthly intention.

Together we will start from the principles, from the alphabet, in order to relearn how to write, how to read and how to speak the language of sustainability.

The Soul-Stainability Glossary will guide you towards a more sustainable lifestyle through two different sections.

  • The first one is about embracing a sustainable lifestyle
  • The second section involves sustainable practices within the fashion, luxury, design, entertainmen and natural world
Sustainability glossary

How to exploit the Soul-Sustainability Glossary

We invite you to take your journals out as we will always include a few questions to reflect upon and practical experiences for you to try out.

This will enable you to see how you relate to this particular topic in your everyday life and hopefully help you step into our world with greater levels of awareness.

That is how we can become changemakers and truly begin creating positive impact around us.

Make a change. Stop complaining and start doing.

We all know that we have environmental problems. That is a fact.

We could spend entire days complaining about them and the fact that sustainability is still positioned in a market of elite. But I tell you something.

There are companies that in a very smart way are making sustainability affordable, fun and sexy.

Yes sexy. Because sustainability is a discovering process that starts from within. In your soul, in your consumer behaviors and in the way you welcome it.

Enjoy the Soul-Sustainability Glossary and make good use of it.

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