Gift a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. While this year we may be less willing to celebrate, here we are, once again, about to decorate the homes in which we never spent as much time as before.

We will probably remember this exhausting year for a long time, but after all we should be grateful for being able to celebrate Christmas with the people we love.

Christmas is about family, decorations, food, traditions and, of course, about gifts.

sustainable christmas gifts

We want to express gratitude to all those people who have contributed to make our life greater, and there is no better time than Christmas. While we send love through our presents, dinners and traditions, our planet undergoes a tough time.

During the Christmas period, we produce almost 6% of the Co2 we generate annually. Only between December 24th and December 26th, each person has an impact of about 650 Kg of Co2.

At The Sustainable Mag, we want to spread positive vibes and send concrete messages. For this reason, we have decided to give you as a present, some guidelines for a Sustainable Christmas, being thankful to the planet.

We will dispense some easy tips for a Zero Waste Christmas, as well as gift guides for sustainable clothing, objects and ideas to surprise the people you love.
We will talk about sustainable brands which are celebrating Christmas in full respect of the planet.

This year we have the opportunity to celebrate consciously, disseminating thankfulness and gratitude not only among the people we love, but also to the planet we live in. Christmas is about memories and traditions, make them last forever.

Follow us and discover how to enjoy a Sustainable Christmas!

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