Gender equality. Who will win the match?

Gender equality, social inclusion and women empowerment are topics that we are becoming used to hear about more and more. They seem, simply because of their names, light-years away from the concreteness of daily life, but that in various forms shine a light on different Italian realities.

A great example is given by Barilla, the first Italian company awarded with the “Catalyst Award” for its commitment to creating innovative solutions aimed at creating inclusive workplaces suitable for women.

Important results achieved through activities aimed at the inclusion of LGBTQ+ employees and all under-represented groups, as well as the achievement of “Gender Pay Equality” for all workers in the world –with equal qualifications and jobs, men and women must have the same salary.

Talking about women’s empowerment, Martina Rogato (36), the first millennial to chair the working group on gender equality as spokesperson for Women20 –the official G20 engagement group on gender equality– said:

Women empowerment means having the opportunity to best express their potential outside of any gender discrimination or generation

Martina rogato

A strong statement whose achievement does not seem to be so close according to the World Economic Forum, which claims that there are more than 200 years to gender equity.

Gender equality Martina Rogato
Martina Rogato

Looking to the future, Martina continues: “It seems to me an uphill road, even in Italy. The interesting thing, however, is the increase in coalitions and activists who are working for the cause”. Not to be forgotten is the fundamental role of the institutions that, according to Rogato, have a decisive impact:

More actions are needed such as the law on the wage gap or as the European directive on “due diligence” in the field of environment and human rights.

Equality now moves many consciences; we hope it will also bring the desired changes to the end.

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