The Milanesa Bag Realizes the Dreams of All Women

There is a bag that not only holds but fulfills the dreams of so many women. La Milanesa Bag is a company that uses dead stocks to help the planet and people by changing their lives, one bag at a time.

What is La Milanesa Bag?

La Milanesa Bag is a brand born from the creative mind and enthusiasm of Cinzia Macchi, founder, and designer of the brand. A few years ago, Cinzia chose to start this project with a direct positive social impact. The brand deals with the production of bags, a great passion of women, and is based on the continuous involvement of women of all ages, particularly the elderly. La Milanesa Bag is, and wants to be, a brand that stands out for its ability to combine harmoniously and joyfully many values that go beyond the mere concept of “fashion.” The result is a perfect mix of fashion, sustainability, humanity, and craftsmanship.

Given these solid and clear assumptions, the brand wants to exalt and give total value to the female figure, celebrating and enhancing all its facets, particularly her work. Therefore, the image of women is at the center of the vision and entrepreneurial design of Cinzia Macchi, who has chosen to create this brand with a strong social connotation.

Cinzia Macchi – La Milanesa Bag Founder

Fashion that “Does Good”

It is known that bags make women happy, but those of La Milanesa Bag has the power to change the lives of many women.

Cinzia has combined her passion for beauty, fashion, and creativity with social commitment, contributing positively to change. A design of revitalization that is based on the full exaltation of people and the common good. La Milanesa Bag sees as protagonists ladies in social centers, nursing homes, and associations, allowing working with needle and thread. A project inspired by knitting and the “grandmother’s checkered blankets” that garnished the beds of the past.
Thanks to the bright colors and craftsmanship, Cinzia’s bags stand out, combined with fashionable and always new shapes. Each proposal of Cinzia sees a combination of style and value.

Fashion is also this. It is attention to others, to life.

La Milanesa Bag – TOYS
La Milanesa Bag – MICOL

“Fabbricatrici di Sogni” the Project for Women’s Empowerment

“Fabbricatrici di sogni” is the name of the nascent female empowerment project that helps women in difficulty with tailoring. A project very much felt by Cinzia, who identifies this initiative as the full representation and exaltation of her entrepreneurial design.

She states with pride and visible enthusiasm, “What was a hope has now become a wonderful reality. Sometimes, if I look back, I think I failed. But yes, dreams can come true. For me, La Milanesa Bag was born from a dream: that of being able to create an “open laboratory” where I could teach women who have suffered violence or who are in a situation of discomfort a profession to be reintegrated into the working world and have a second chance to be independent and happy.

La Milanesa Bag and the Women Protagonists

“Fabbricatrici di sogni” is an initiative of female inclusion aimed at providing high-quality tailoring courses to women victims of violence or in socio-economic difficulties. This project is based on the important collaboration between Intesa Sanpaolo, Fondazione Caritas Ambrosiana Onlus, Fondazione S. Carlo Onlus and the Italian fashion brand. The objective is well defined and seeks to give a real “chance of rebirth” to all those women who have found themselves victims and in disadvantaged conditions. It starts from creativity to develop a concrete path to future employment and regain their autonomy.

The first phase of experimentation has been launched in Milan, where the bags and accessories made by the participants – selected by the Fondazione Caritas Ambrosiana – will be marketed under the solidarity brand “Fabbricatrici di sogni” and sold at all La Milanesa Bag stores in Italy but also abroad and online.
Milan, in this context, stands as a dynamic reality and can enhance Cinzia’s project fully. The capital of Lombardy, the city of fashion and incubator of many Italian startups, becomes the ideal setting for the promotion, communication, and development of this initiative.

The “Fabbricatrici di Sogni” with Teacher Lisa

The Social Mission of La Milanesa Bag

For Cinzia, social commitment is a real mission, to the point that each of her collections supports a project with a positive impact on the community.

The birth of her brand has also decreed a personal rebirth, a return to normality after a challenging period. La Milanesa Bag is outlined as a sort of regeneration with which Cinzia, despite past suffering, feels lucky and grateful to live. This intense desire to give back to society what she has had from life leads her to combine the mere profit of her activity with a series of social initiatives. The desire to donate something to others has distinguished the operational approach of the brand since the beginning so that we can say that a social project indicates each collection to which donate money.

Piero Piazzi – The Children for Peace Ambassador

For example, it has directly supported the San Donato Foundation Group by creating a bag whose entire proceeds went now to them for Covid research. Particularly noteworthy is the project completed in support of The Children for Peace association, creating a hospital for HIV-positive children in Uganda or for the Fare x Bene Onlus association to fight discrimination, gender violence, bullying, and cyberbullying.

The story of La Milanesa Bag is the story of a woman, Cinzia Macchi, and her continuous will to help people in need. La Milanesa Bag is strongly influenced by personal connotations that go beyond the gesture, apparently simple, of charity. All initiatives of La Milanesa Bag actively contribute to improving people’s lives in a fundamental condition of difficulty.

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