The Future Of Napapijri Goes Circular

New season, new collection. Napapijri is back with Circular Series SS22 inspired by Valle D’Aosta, the company’s place of origin founded in 1987.  

Choose your journey, choose future“: not just products, but a journey into the world of sustainability. Choosing Circular Series means choosing the future, our planet, us, and the new generations.

What is Circular Series?

Circular economy, innovation, and quality are the secret ingredients behind Napapijri’s sustainable commitment, made concrete with the Circular Series collections. Argu Secilmis – Vice President, Product & Marketing Napapijri – comments “As a brand born in the beautiful alpine landscape, Napapijri has always made nature conservation one of its priorities. Now more than ever, we are aware of the urgent issues we are collectively called upon to address. We have chosen to do so, paving away into the future of fashion with Circular Series. The collection of fully recyclable and Cradle to Cradle Certified® garments combines design, sustainability, and innovation to inspire, through circularity, a change in the role our industry must play concerning the preservation of the planet and humanity. Our passion to make outerwear garments is as important as our passion and commitment to our consumers and nature.”
Napapijri’s far-sighted commitment started years and years ago, and it has been investing in innovation and sustainability for years. It has been worth it, as demonstrated by the first jacket made entirely of a single recycled and recyclable material. The collection has since been extended to include knitwear.

What does Cradle to Cradle Certified® mean?

Napapijri’s Circular Series jackets are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, an infinitely recyclable Nylon 6 yarn derived from fishing nets and other marine debris. Even the and padding are made with Nylon 6, simplifying a recycling process during which the fibers of the same material are processed and regenerated without compromising performance and quality. This has allowed Napapijri to obtain the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified® certification, renewed every two years. 

Five key areas of sustainability are assessed to get the certificate: 

  1. Material Health: ensuring that materials are safe for humans and the environment.
  2. Product circularity: enabling a circular economy through product remanufacturing and process design.
  3. Clean air and climate protection: protecting clean air, promoting renewable energy, and reducing harmful emissions.
  4. Water and soil management: safeguarding clean water and healthy soils.
  5. Social equity: respecting human rights and contributing to an equitable society.

Circular Series is a completely circular product, Napapijri is the first brand to offer the possibility to return Circular Series products and then recycle them into new ECONYL® material thanks to our Regeneration System. So when the jacket reaches the end of its life cycle, it’s just the beginning. It’s an absolute first”. 

Giulio bonazzi – CEO of Aquafil (manufacturer of ECONYL®)

This is an essential step for the brand, which is increasingly looking towards circular fashion. In fact, the take-back program allows you to register your jacket online with the option to return it after two years of use and get a voucher to purchase another Circular Series product

The Season Changes, Sustainability Remains  

Northfarer Jacket – SS22

Performance is the keyword of Napapijri’s new SS22 collection, where urban fashion meets mountain adventure. No matter how the journey will be, the innovative materials will make it unforgettable. A collection inspired by nature where shades of green join winter grays and pinkish tints that give shine to the garments. Napapijri wants to celebrate the return to life, society, and nature, invoking an energetic spirit also in the women’s collection, including t-shirts and hoodies nostalgic of the 70s and the club culture of the 90s. The protagonists will be the classic Rainforest Circular and the new Northfarer, with essential lines inspired by the silhouette of Mont Blanc. An elegant urban aesthetic, thanks also to premium and extra-light materials such as Cordura®. Northfarer will be launched in SS22 through a series of exclusive drops to celebrate its iconic aesthetic. 

Freestrider Jacket – SS22

On the other hand, the streetwear collection launches the Freestrider jacket, promoting the freedom and movement younger consumers seek, always eager to discover and grow amidst adventure and nature. If the SS22 collection has yet to be released, at Orefici 11 and on Napapijri you can find the FW21 collection that celebrates the beauty of outdoor living through color,  shapes,  and materials that bring to life Napapijri’s authentic connection with nature.

Sustainability Is At Home At Orefici 11

Not only the brand but also the store becomes purpose-driven. This is the mission of Orefici 11, “the first purpose-driven, diversified and digitally integrated multi-brand store” of the VF Group. So Napapijri® joins Timberland® and The North Face® in 2000 square meters, where the union between physical and digital guarantees a unique experience.

“Consumer-minded, retail-centric and hyper-digital: the process of transformation of the business model of VF continues with strength, a corporation that is dedicated to the experimentation of new solutions that can generate real value for contemporary consumers, who strongly demand from brands and their spaces a clear and understandable set of values to communicate, in addition to their products.”

Martino Scabbia Guerrini, Executive Vice President & Group President VF EMEA

A natural creative and cultural HUB that wants to be a reference point for urban cultures and unite the international community with the local one, allowing one to discover expressive languages and new trends between innovation and sustainability.

Orefici 11 Store – Milano

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