The Fashion Passes, The Planet Stays

A mirror of the times and customs, fashion is the art that better depicts the values and changes of society, shaped by the cultural evolution of which it has often become the protagonist. So today we are witnessing the revolution of the entire fashion industry, led by Italian startups and companies that are rewriting the rules of innovation, sustainability, and circularity.

These are the main pillars for the entire value chain and the establishment of an ecosystem built on collaboration and sharing between different realities and sectors.

Some examples? Let’s meet Fili Pari, WRÅD and Good Sustainable Mood.

Fashion wears marble

Fili Pari combines the fashion and stone industries, leaders of the Made in Italy in the world, creating garments of a unique design with marble powder, waste from the stone industry. Marble becomes wearable with MARM \ MORE, the innovative material that gives natural colors to the minimal and sophisticated garments of Fili Pari. A celebration of the craftsmanship and beauty Made in Italy with the iconic element of Italian art since ancient times: marble. Waste and by-products thus become resources and opportunities in full respect of the circular economy. It is now possible to meet the brand and discover its new collection in Pop Up Stores in Milan and Verona.

Fili Pari
Fili Pari

From automotive to clothes, Made in Italy is the key

For the launch of the New 500, Fiat wanted to re-imagine its iconic sweatshirt with WRÅD, to convey the values of sustainable innovation and design Made in Italy.

WRÅD is a company from Vicenza that challenges the Status Quo through sustainable innovation and social change. It promotes sustainable fashion not only through education, but also by producing sustainable clothes using the g_pwdr technology. It is a patented dyeing process, which gives the garments a grey coloration thanks to graphite powder that would otherwise be thrown away. The latter is in fact a by-product of the electrodes also by Fiat. The mineral can be a danger to the soil if thrown into landfills, on the contrary, graphite powder is not toxic to our skin. It has been used in fashion since ancient Rome to dye clothes naturally.

Wrad x 500

Fashion goes circular

The circular economy also involves the principle of sufficiency, as demonstrated by Good Sustainable Mood, a startup founded in Parma that aims to use resources efficiently.

The zero-waste model focuses on secondary raw materials – deriving from the processing waste of raw materials – on the optimization of production techniques and a new relationship with the final consumer. In fact, the latter becomes a true protagonist within the supply chain, participating in the co-creation process through the strategy of pre-orders: each garment is produced only upon request of the “consumer-actor”. This is the only way to create unique garments made with milk fiber rather than wood fiber, guaranteeing high quality and maximum safety for both those who work with it and those who wear it, but also for the planet.

Good sustainable mood
Good Sustainable Mood

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