Sustainable Swimsuits, Fedeli’s Choice

Fedeli’s Quick-Dry swimsuits take us on a dive into sustainability.

The excellent quality of Made in Italy meets innovation in swimsuits made of 100% recycled polyester, for a fashionable and increasingly sustainable summer.

From Cashmere to Swimsuits

Fedeli Cashmere and sustainability have a long history together. It was 1934 when Luigi Fedeli founded his first artisan hat workshop in Monza, that over the years changed totally skin becoming the first Italian company specialized in the production of cashmere.

Now, the third generation is working hard to combine tradition with innovation, promoting the sustainable development of the entire supply chain. From the selection of suppliers who produce responsibly to the launch of new lines such as Quick-Dry sustainable swimsuits, Fedeli accompanies its consumers throughout the year, offering increasingly sustainable and quality garments.

Quick-Dry Swimsuits. What is that?

The Fedeli Quick-Dry swimsuit, made of 100% recycled polyester, is produced with microfiber so light that it dries in minutes, making it a high-performance garment.
It is no coincidence that they are renamed “the 90-second swimsuits,” precisely because of their ability to dry in a minute and a half.

The ink-jet printing was entrusted to a historic supplier in Como, confirming Fedeli’s commitment to rely on the mastery of Made in Italy. The classic design and attention to details, typical of Italian craftsmanship, are enhanced by an innovative material that represents the future of beachwear and Fedeli Cashmere. Sustainable but also fashionable, Quick-Dry swimsuits light up the summer with bright colors, able to shine originality and sustainability of fabrics.

A sustainable thread between past and future

Not only swimsuits. The company has been committed for years to develop a responsible production on all lines, as demonstrated by the selection of fine organic cotton, used for polo shirts and summer knitwear. Giza and Supima cotton are among the best yarns in the world, thanks to their particularly long and resistant fibers, ideal for craftsmanship.

Fedeli selects GRS certified and “contamination-free” yarns, guaranteeing sustainability from cultivation to garment processing, up to eco-friendly packaging.

Fedeli also renews itself in jeans, guilty of creating a huge impact on the environment. So the jeans are made with certified organic cotton and subjected to a dyeing process more responsible and environmentally friendly. It is important to invest in sustainability, it is a great opportunity for both the company and our country: there is no real Made in Italy without Italy, and there is no sustainability without Made in Italy.

From the health of the planet to the heart of the people with “A Warm Heart”

From cool swimsuits to warm hearts, Fedeli is committed to implement a more circular business model, with a take-back service to extend the useful life cycle of its garments. The company has launched the “A Warm Heart” campaign in collaboration with Milan’s City Angels, to donate second-hand garments to the homeless.

Customers who decide to return Fedeli’s knitwear garments are entitled to an €80 voucher.

An important initiative that confirms Fedeli’s commitment to sustainability, not only environmental but also social. A path to help and to raise awareness.

It is important to produce responsibly, but also to know how to consume consciously. Brands of Italian excellence as Fedeli can lead this revolution, thanks to an offer of durable materials that can preserve design and quality for a long time, with a story to tell.

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