Sustainable Beachwear – Ludovica Gualtieri Milano

Ludovica Gualtieri’s sustainable beachwear collection has its origins in the melting pot of her life. Hailing from the city of Mantua, she has always lived between the north and the south of the peninsula and presented her collection in Forte dei Marmi at the event “An Excellent Summer” organized by “Il Salotto di Milano”.

The brand

Born three years ago from a design made by chance, the sustainable beachwear brand Ludovica Gualtieri Milano, came to life even before the designer finished her studies.

The brands focuses on two pillars:

  • Sustainable materials
  • Beauty of fibers

Ludovica talks about her concept during the interview.

It’s the design that drives us. Once defined, we choose the raw materials to use among vegetable fibers such as bamboo, broom, hemp or linen; and, staying away from the synthetic, we use fibers obtained through a plastic recycling process.
The materials are certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD, GOTS, and in line with the REACH regulation -EU regulation for the limitations of chemicals. In addition, and not least, the entire production process and the materials used are 100% Italian.

The Sustainable DNA of Ludovica Gualtieri Milano 

The brand was born with a line of swimwear made with recycled fibers. But that’s not all. After a short time –just to allow that the sustainable side of the costumes does not fail– she launched the selection Cosmetica del Tessuto. What is that? A line of 100% ecological and bio-sustainable detergents, dedicated exclusively to the washing of fabrics.

For Ludovica the attention to the environment is a mantra. “To build the future of the brand and the entire planet, it is necessary to pay attention to the environment and its well-being. So every day in my work, I strive so that my choices are conscious and concrete.” She adds, “we study and test the lines ourselves, the products are 100% Made in Italy, formulated with surfactants derived from plant. Always respecting the environment and the person.”

A sustainable future between challenges and new objectives

The aesthetics of the swimwear, the details, the attention to the well being of the person through the fabrics -meant as the effect that the product has on the person- are a defining trait of the brand.

People must feel completely free to share and embrace this philosophy. They must be able to feel well through the choice of a product that represents them. The product makes the difference to the person at the time the person chooses it, because they can perceive its message, its value, its philosophy.

Looking at the future, there are many challenges and difficulties that the fashion designer has to face, but despite this, she works with great positivity and optimism. “Sincerely, I am very positive, in the sense that I believe that with tenacity, passion and determination each of us can reach the goals set. I face life trying to transform the negative energy -maybe due to a failure or a sad event- in a match to light a nice warm fire. When you manage to do it, to channel your energy, finding in some way the strength to direct it where you want, you can hardly stop”.

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