Renoon: the Universe of Sustainable Fashion

Renoon, the first search engine for sustainable fashion, launches the advocates section.
A special area where users can be inspired by the profiles of influencers and ambassadors who are active in the field of ethical and sustainable fashion.

How does Renoon work?

Renoon is the only app that brings together brands, rental platforms, marketplaces and products that respect the attributes of sustainability, defined by a specific framework. With a simple click you can enter the universe of ethical and sustainable fashion by Renoon. Launched in 2020 by four Italian guys, the platform has today more than 1 million products and 200 partner brands, all active in sustainability. In addition, based on its innovative concept, it was selected by Startup Bootcamp for its prestigious acceleration program.

This extensive network supports Renoon in the selection of products, composed of at least 50% sustainable materials. In addition, they have developed technologies for the automatic processing of garment sustainability attributes and certifications.

A showcase for the future of fashion?

Renoon has managed to reconcile two aspects that are revolutionizing both the fashion industry and our lives – sustainability and innovation.

If it is true that sustainability is a journey to be traveled in stages, Renoon is ready to take us by the hand and guide us into the universe of ethical and sustainable fashion. An informative and educational search engine, which also offers tools such as the sustainability glossary, to raise awareness and share its values with the community. Once the garments the user in interested in, Renoon sends them directly to the marketplace or rental platform where the purchase can be finalized.

The other strong point of Renoon is the high degree of personalization of the search experience, thanks to algorithms that allow the user to choose the category of greatest interest. There are 5 areas of impact defined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the app:

  • Climate change
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Life on Earth
  • Responsible consumption and production

The user will then be able to prioritize companies that care about environmental impact rather than workers’ rights or the treatment of animals. Renoon thus offers a unique shopping experience, enhancing not only the different styles but also the needs of each user.

What is the new “Advocates” feature launched by Renoon?

Sharing and collaboration are part of Renoon’s DNA, which has allowed the platform to be the reference search engine for ethical and sustainable fashion in the world. The union of brands, products, marketplaces, rental platforms and second-hand garments, has created a community of inestimable value, in which each person can stimulate and be inspired by the other actors involved.

Through the new “Advocates” section, all users will have free access to public profiles of prominent figures in the world of sustainable fashion. From Jeanne de Kroon, founder of ZAZI Vintage and United Nations consultant, to the Italian designer and consultant Silvia Stella, passing through feminist activist platforms such as Chicks for Climate. These are just some of the ambassadors who will share with the community their favorite brands and the most relevant areas of impact, making the personal and emotional bond with the community even stronger.

An opportunity to enhance the values and awareness behind every choice, giving each of us the chance to actively contribute to the development of a sustainable lifestyle through small steps; Renoon allows you to be inspired, communicate and share values and experiences with a community and with important activists, revolutionizing the fashion universe.

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