Re-love, the Upcycling Project by Atelier Emé and Mending for Good

Re-love: poetry, harmony, and respect are developed in the decorations, embroideries, and designs of 16 wedding dresses for a capsule collection to love. Re-Love was born from the collaboration between Atelier Emé and Mending for Good and represents the result of a creative rework of a project of high craftsmanship co-created following the principles of circularity.

“A new dream come true, through an exclusive collection of archival wedding dresses signed Atelier Emé, and artfully reworked in collaboration with Mending for Good.”

Re-Love Capsule Collection at Museo 900, Milan

What is Re-Love?

Re-love is one of the first collections to apply sustainability to the wedding industry. A way to rework the love for garments, especially those that accompany us in the special moments of our lives. The claim of the campaign, not surprisingly, speaks of love: “Loving a wedding dress, once and forever.”

Atelier Emé and Mending for Good collaborated to create the Re-love collection, re-evaluating wedding dresses towards a path of sustainability and inclusivity.
In Re-love, we find ten dresses developed in synergy and six created in-house by the brand’s style office.

After carefully selecting archive dresses with high craftsmanship techniques, colored elements, embroidery, and floral decorations, the collection comes. The process of deconstruction and reconstruction, which brings Re-love to the status of a work of art, has been combined in the beauty of repurposing solutions.

“Linda” Dress

Re-love comes to life through the painting on fabric by Karl Joerns of La Serra MK textile Atelier in Florence; the embroideries with hand technique performed by a team of expert artisans of high fashion, including Donatella DeBonis; the decorations, proposed by the team of Mending for Good. An upcycling that brings Re-love as an emblem of ancient traditions, once again interpreters of contemporary taste.

“Chiara” Dress

The experience of the workers was joined by the community of San Patrignano, for the painting on fabric, especially for the dress “Linda”; of Manusa, for the handmade embroidery, especially in the dress “Giody.” Mending for Good accompanied this exchange of knowledge through targeted workshops and meetings aimed at telling a story, thanks to the hands of the new generations.

The collaboration born demonstrates that it is possible to build new virtuous circular production models with an important environmental and social value. Finding ethical solutions through skill and creativity is our commitment. This project becomes for us a symbol in the search for new ways for the fashion industry.


Re-Love Exhibition at Museum of 900 in Milan

Re-Love presented itself to the public on Monday, December 13th, at the Museo del 900 in Milan, with a grand soirèe dedicated to special guests. The dresses of the Re-love collection exhibited close to the large window that connotes the building have composed a scenography of effect.

The contrast between the historic building, the view of the Duomo of Milan, and the dresses of the collection have helped to emphasize the attention to detail. Art, architecture, and fashion have found the right trait union to communicate a responsible fashion in Re-love in an evocative and exciting atmosphere. A global vision, emphasizing decorations: colorful and joyful naive designs; the romanticism of watercolor flowers; the three-dimensional effects created by applications and tone-on-tone embroidered poems.

Saveria dress with the hand-embroidered poem “Love … looks that talk to each other, hands that embrace, hearts that love each other”.

All this to communicate a new beauty.
A beauty where the arts are contaminated and dialogue with the present.
A beauty where the person who creates and the one who wears meet in love for Re-love.

A modern style and further updated by the need to show a path of possible and accessible sustainability. Many well-known personalities took part in the evening, including the influencers of the Atelier Emé brand: Beatrice Valli, Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini, Paola Turani, and Viki Varga.

Re-love is present from December 6th on Atelier Emé social channels. The dresses of the collection are available exclusively from December 14th in the atelier in Milan – Vicolo Giardino 1.

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