Innovation and Sustainability. Bacon down jackets

Innovation is the keyword of Milan Fashion Week 2021, which this year is digital again.

This format not only allows universal access to the shows, bringing fashion into our homes, but also reduces significantly their environmental impact, as explained here.

Who is Bacon? : innovation and sustainability

Bacon is an Italian company founded in 2011 by Andrea Pilato Barrara in Milan. Leveraging on the concepts of innovation and sustainability, Bacon proposes versatile down jackets, playing on oversize shapes and multiple colors, for a bold and edgy woman, who wants to be independent and free.

Shell-volumes and bright colors take us to a futuristic urban world, made of innovation and sustainability.

Bacon’s avatars have been the protagonists of a fashion show that made us travel to New York City, virtual location of the catwalk, in a future that is now reality, thanks to the “Digital Twins” developed in partnership with TwinOne.

From paper to reality with digital prototyping

To significantly reduce the environmental impact generated by the fashion industry, it is necessary to revolutionize the entire supply chain, starting from the design phase.

Upstream activities alone are responsible for 80% of the emissions generated by the production of a garment. And that’s why Bacon and TwinOne have joined forces on a mission for sustainable innovation, digitalizing all processes.

After digitally recreating the paper patterns, the designer’s hand sketches take shape and color through a 3D reproduction, capable of exacerbating style and creativity, embracing the principles of design for sustainability.

Bacon then begins the digital prototyping phase, a key step considering the waste of resources and materials produced at this stage. Through digital prototyping, Bacon has been able to significantly minimize waste, reducing also timelines and costs. With these technologies, Bacon managed to work remotely with up to five avatars simultaneously, maximizing smart production even during the lockdown.

From gaming to fashion, the future of “Digital Twins”

The relationship between the gaming and fashion industries is getting stronger and stronger, as we explain here.

Once again innovation fosters creativity thanks to the technology of the Unreal Engine, where photorealistic visuals provide an immersive customer experience.

Thanks to a CG (Computer Graphics) technology, it has been possible to create hyper-realistic “digital twins” to be modified in real time, following the creative flow of the various actors involved. This technology has been fundamental for the realization of virtual shootings, together with the creation of countless different contents, destined to advertising and communication campaigns.

Last but not least, these innovations have allowed the realization of the virtual show at Milan Fashion Week 2021, which saw Bacon walk the runway for the first time.

Bacon’s first eco-capsule

Bacon’s innovation doesn’t stop there, and consolidates its commitment towards sustainability with an Eco Capsule.

The down jackets are padded with recycled down; in addition, the fabric “Superlight”, donates the garment a unique lightness.

The real revolution, however, is represented by a new certified yarn, the Seaquel Yarn, used in the Eco Capsule. Seaquel yarn is a recycled polyester obtained from the upcycling of marine plastic and post-consumer land waste collected by Seaquel Initiative

It is used in multiple applications, and it has already obtained GRS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifications. Sustainability is also present in the Bacon Eco label made of recycled yarn, all the way to the packaging bags made from a 100% recyclable sugarcane film.

The result is a capsule collection dominated by strong volumes and pop colors, where art and beauty meet sustainability and innovation. Everything is highlighted by a minimal and white location, with a game of contrasts that makes the eyes and the iconic jackets shine.

Innovation fosters art and sustainability

A continuous graphic and material research brings the traditional art towards an extraordinary elevation, bringing us in an atemporal dimension dictated by colors and shapes, for a daring and emancipated woman.

Between geometric abstractionism and sustainable futurism, Bacon Eco’s new collection is reminiscent of Piet Mondrian’s paintings, where radiant primary colors are flanked by black and white. The collection alternates casual and elegant looks for an urban dynamism that tastes of rebirth.

Reflective fabric illuminates Bacon’s collection, which reintroduces classic Italian jacquards, revitalizing them through mix and match with camouflage tones. The union between the tradition of fabrics and innovation of forms is established by the check fabric, which is modernized by the combination with corduroy, for a unique three-dimensional effect.
There is also a palette of colors that refer to sustainability, tracing the undergrowth with tones from green to brown, passing by beige and three-dimensional processing that give grit to the sophistication of neutral tones.

Finally, the collection’s new entry deserves a special attention: I’m talking about the oversize shirt padded with thermal wadding.

Inspired by the classic men’s shirt, the waist belt adorned with a wallet and clothespins for items, gives character and femininity, to a versatile garment destined to become a must-have. An essential piece for the Bacon woman, dynamic and eclectic, who seeks comfort in the simplicity of form and affirmation through materials unique workmanship.

Bacon offers us a contemporary look at the fashion of the future, outlined by inclusive shapes and shiny colors.

Working with the goal of “Doing more with less”, Bacon is revolutionising the world of down jackets, by combining sustainability and innovation with the art of fashion.

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