Giving Responsbily. A Gift Guide for Sustainable Outfits

Christmas is coming and the ineluctable gift rush is a must. This year The Sustainable Mag is here to help you, providing gift guides for every taste and budget.

When we buy a gift we want to surprise the people we love, creating an emotional connection capable of making a person feel special. What if we can make happy not just one but two recipients? The second is the Planet 🙂

In the following guide you can find ideas for sustainable fashion gifts. Clothing pieces and accessories which are both cool and sustainable, offering useful and customized items which are ethical and eco-friendly. All of them are proudly Made in Italy.


Rifò is an Italian company which makes high quality garments and accessories, using upcycled and upcyclable textile fibers. It transforms old clothes into a new yarn to craft warm and soft products.

The company not only boost high-quality products typical of the Made in Italy, but it also gurantees the ethical nature of its items produced at Km 0 within the Prato District.

You can find from accessories (€30) to parkas and jackets (169€) made up of recycled denim. Rifò’s iconic items are their cashmere and wool sweaters.

If you sign up to Rifò’s newsletter you will receive free shipping and by pre-ordering your products you will get a discount, make the most of it!

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Wrad Living

If you want to be part of the change, you must meet WRÅD.
Clothes come from deadstock fabrics and they are dyed with graphite’s powder which comes from byproducts.

The brand wants to “Challenge the status quo” through sustainable innovation and social change.
Not only eco-friendly products but also education through “The School of WRÅD”. The first independent and digital open-source platform dedicated to the culture of sustainability. You can choose either to buy cool shirts, sweaters, jackets or to buy courses and participating to the crowdfunding for the School of WRÅD.

Whatever you choose, you are contributing to create a better future!

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If you are looking for more colourful shoes, ACBC offers a wide range of models thanks to its innovative solution: the “zipshoe”.

The skin and the sole are attached thanks to a zip which allows to change the skin whenever you prefer, using the same sole.

The circular system guarantees the sustainability of the product that is donated and recycled at the end of its useful life.

This green technology combined with the sustainable materials, are revolutionizing the shoes industry: you can buy original and sustainable shoes produced by ACBC in partnership with Philippe Model, Emporio Armani, Love Moschino etc.

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WAO produces eco-friendly shoes thanks to innovative and sustainable materials which ensure a circular model. The components are biodegradable and the shoes are dyed with vegetal pigments.

The sustainable vision of WAO is completed by a take-back service which ensures an effective disposal. In addition, the startup donates 4% of the sales to international organizations which are active in the planet preservation. The shoes follow essential lines, they are classic, and they are available in many different colors, both for men and women.

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Good Sustainable Mood

Good Sustainable Mood is an Italian Startup where consumers and companies become an essential part of a sustainable production model based on Circular Economy.

Good Sustainable Mood is committed to the research of secondary raw materials and to the development of zero waste manufacturing process. How does it work?
The startup adopted the Sufficiency Principle: the main goal is to produce exactly what the customer needs. This disrupting business model involves directly the customers: without you, the item does not exist; it comes to life only if you order it.

Different types of products: from little gifts like socks (12 €) to shirts made of milk (49€) and wooden fibres (89,00€).

Good Sustainable Mood provides natural and eco-friendly items with unique and sophisticated qualities both for men and women!


SEAY produces sustainable clothing and low environmental impact beachwear, using certified and innovative materials.

The startup has also created its own circular economy system called Re3 Model in order to Re-Use, Re-Sell and Re-Generate its items. Unfortunately this year we are not allowed to travel and to spend our Christmas at the beach, but we can always take advantage of it and be prepared to show off the most cool and sustainable beachwear outfit!

The brand offers also shirts, windbreakers and ponchos created in collaboration with the surf week and other brands. If you are looking for a fresh and colorful look to liven up these holidays, SEAY is your brand.

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In this last year we have spent most of the time at home wearing cozy outfits. What if you can combine comfort and style with biodegradable vegetable fibres which are delicate to the skin and safe for the environment? CasaGIN sells underwear, pyjamas, beachwear and sportswear both for men and for women, promoting a lifestyle which is genuine, innovative and natural, just like its products which embed the beauty of simplicity and the harmony of life.

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It is the time to gift our planet love and respect, buy less and be better informed: solutions are everywhere!

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