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GIRALAMODA and Choose Sustainability

GIRALAMODA is a multidisciplinary art event about sustainable fashion produced by the non-profit association Trama Plaza.

Disclosing the need for a sustainable approach in the textile and fashion industry is increasingly in demand today. The difficulty is to embrace an actual empathic response of the possible consumer. GIRALAMODA tries to communicate sustainability differently with the help of art.

GIRALAMODA was born as an itinerant outdoor event in Milan, presented for the first time. On February 19, 2022, it debuted at Cine Teatro “La Creta” with a theatrical event, probably the first sustainable fashion event in a theater.

GIRALAMODA is theater, dance, music, and cartomancy. A condensate of games mixed art and culture to raise awareness of important issues. From the suburban show to the stage of a real theater, GIRALAMODA sets no limits aims to get everywhere to say the word of sustainability.


The association Trama Plaza takes its name in memory of the tragic event of the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Dhaka, April 24, 2013. Trama also recalls the warp and weft that make up the fabric. A fabric made of respect and social stories.

Erica Brunetti is the president of Trama Plaza and the inspiring mind behind GIRALAMODA. We owe her the creativity and dedication to leading the association and the show. Trama Plaza was born as an association that pursues promoting sustainable fashion and design. The goal is to raise awareness of sustainability issues in the textile industry through art, education, and training. It was born in a suburban area, and the idea of GIRALAMODA comes from the experience with people.

Everything starts from a question: how to communicate sustainability in fashion to a heterogeneous audience?

From here, Erica Brunetti and Marta Griso, co-founder of the association, have realized how emotion for art can be a vehicle of values. Structuring a simple, funny, exciting message, making it possible to decode the message even to an audience apparently distant from the fashion industry.

GIRALAMODA won the first edition of the Scuola di Quartieri (a call for proposals for the urban regeneration of the municipality of Milan). This allowed the financing of the project.

Francesca Boni – founder of Il Vestito Verde
Susanna Accornero – Actress e dancer


The choice of the format of GIRALAMODA is not random.

The freedom of art accompanies the expressiveness of fashion, and with irony, we have fun speaking a language understandable to many. Through a smile and thanks to the amazement of beauty, we learn a bit more to finally choose freely.

GIRALAMODA aims to make people think about the value of an ethical and circular production in the fashion system. It promotes social inclusion and respect for natural resources. It tells the critical relationship between consumer and product. It provides interesting proposals to address the issue of the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Davide Del Grosso – Actor and Playwrite
Luca Macchi – Musician and composer

GIRALAMODA alternated theater monologues with dance performances and interactive sessions of cartomancy. Below is the program:

The show began with the monologue “The secret life of clothes,” which, through telling a true story, describes the importance of transparency and traceabilitỳ of the production chain.

At the end of the monologue, the fortune teller invites the audience to actively participate. She asks them to draw from the cards and poses the following questions: “What is Fast Fashion? What is sustainable fashion? Is Made in Italy always sustainable?”

The show continued with a new artist on stage and an evocative choreography of drapes and colors. As a backdrop, classical music pressed into the volume. The dance theater performance “Trama su Trama” tried to give an image to the universe of natural and artificial fabrics.

Once the music stopped, the same dancer returned to play the fortune teller and came down to the stalls with new cards for the audience. For example, other questions were asked, “But what is the most responsible fiber?

Simultaneously, two dark bodies and a red dot appeared, and the stage became populated again. The second dance theater performance, “Three meters of fabric is my closet,” began. A red fabric three meters long and a lot of imagination is needed to create a wardrobe.

Upcycling and recycling were discussed, and the fortune teller introduced the last monologue of theater, “Joy and Revolution again.” The tragedy of the collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in Bangladesh was recounted, leaving a final message of hope. “The action of the individual matters since everything is connected.”

The Actors of GIRALAMODA

The artists and co-authors of the dance theater performances are Susanna Accornero, actress-dancer, and Elvio Pereira de Assuncao, choreographer-dancer. Both danced on the notes of Luca Macchi, musician and composer of the soundtracks of all the performances.
For the theatrical performances were performed: the actress Chiara Brunetti and Davide del Grosso, actor and playwright.

Chiara Brunetti – Actress
Elvio Pereira de Assuncao – Dancer Coreographer

In the Future, GIRALAMODA?

The association intends to bring GIRALAMODA throughout Milan and throughout Italy. The format is adaptable to be told again in the squares and/or theaters.

GIRALAMODA is born as a review of 21 different performances (from 10 to 30 minutes each), which can be selected and combined, to build various shows.

A tailor-made direction is created, which changes according to the characteristics of space and time. In this way, it is possible to develop a coherent and harmonic show in form and content.

GIRALAMODA is a story, in an artistic key, of sustainability applied to the fashion industry. It is understandable to all, thanks to the art and care with which it is proposed.

The future of GIRALAMODA is decided by all of us every time we think of buying or making choices. GIRALAMODA and choose sustainability!

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