From Trash to Refresh, the recycled Denim by Tommy Jeans

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The turnover of the jeans market amounts to over $70 billion a year, but denim factories are one of the most polluting of the whole industry.

10.000 litres of water are needed to make a single pair of jeans producing the same CO2 as driving a car for 80 kilometers.

If we take a moment to think about it, we immediately realize that the actual jeans production business model is unsustainable and unfair.

Is there a way to make the denim industry sustainable?

Luckily, an important shift in terms of sustainable fashion is raising among young generations, which are addressing their purchasing towards sustainable products.

Companies therefore cannot ignore this growing market need, both from a brand image but also, and most important, from a corporate social responsibility point of view.

A recent survey revealed that 83% of young consumers (GEN Z) choose to buy a brand according to its sustainable practices. This important market indication combined with an already existing path towards sustainability, brought Tommy Jeans to launch its recycled jeans.

The sustainable jeans by Tommy Hilfigher

Tommy Hilfiger’s sustainability mission is to create a fashion that wastes nothing and welcomes everyone.

The goal is to strive to create a product that is both fully circular in its reuse of materials and careful not to alter the environmental balance with its practices.

The TOMMY JEANS Fall 2020 collection in fact, adds another touchpoint to match sustainable goals. This season Tommy Jeans makes its own innovative materials and production methods at every stage of the design and production process.

The collection is made with an innovative technique that mixes cotton waste recycled from the floors of the clothing factories and bed linen of the hotel industry, sew using a thread made of recycled PET plastic.

The Refresh session project

What fits better than the university world to engage young generations in the issue?

Tommy Jeans together with Nss launched the Refresh Session Project.

A melting pot session where students from all over Italy had the opportunity to transform used jeans into new creations, giving them a second life.

The project developed in collaboration with IED Milan, Turin, IUAD Naples-Milan and in collaboration with the students of fashion design management, atelier design and fashion design of Polimoda di Firenze, is based on four masterclasses with a couple of Italian creators: the duo APJP and the duo VGOGHI and FORMY.

APJP (Alberto Panocchi and Joelle Pomioli), is a duo specialized in customization through the use of recycled materials. Their masterclass was focused on the creation of a cell phone holder customized with the APJP’s painting technique.

The second duo featured Domenico Formichetti – founder of Formy Studio – and Greg, young creative specializing in denim handling and distressing.

Their masterclass was dedicated to the creation of a denim bucket hat, customized with embroidery made with the sashiko technique.

The Refresh Session is the result of the collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger, who is
working towards its green mission, and nss, who renews its commitment to sustainability and to support schools and students which have a fundamental role in defining the creativity of tomorrow’s world.

The design students involved in the project were able to put into practice the
principles of sustainable fashion represented by the new collection of Tommy Jeans. Their creations will compete on the Instagram page of nss magazine in a social media battle.

Check out the upcoming design projects here

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