C for Chitè. Sustainable Lingerie

We are not another lingerie label; we are the lingerie revolution.

Through Chitè’s custom-made platform, each woman can choose the model, the fabrics and the colors for her personalized lingerie set.

Based on a “on demand” model, all pieces are unique and entirely handmade in Italy by independent Italian laboratories of the underwear supply chain.

Chitè sustainbale lingerie

Who is Chitè?

Chitè is an Italian custom made platform founded by the designers Federica Tiranti and Chiara Marconi.

Its mission is to empower and celebrate women of all shapes and ages, giving all of them a unique experience with their own body.

Sensual, brave and confident; this is the woman of Chitè. With made-to-measure lingerie that fit women to perfection, Chitè’s woman feel incredibly beautiful and strong.

How does it work?

Chitè is the first lingerie brand that offers a customer experience based on custom-made.

Thanks to a 3D technology, the customer will get a rendering of the model created directly on the website based on their preferences and measurements.

Slow Couture lingerie meets Made in Italy

From knickers to bodies, through triangle tops and bralettes. All the creations meet the top quality standards granted by italian craftsmanship known all over the world.

The different fabrics such as velvet, embroidered tulle or lurex jersey are produced by italian artisans who follow textile traditions that have spanned many generations.

This on demand system is in compliance with sustainability, since it promotes a minimisation of wastes and a higher durability of love-forever lingerie.

“We believe in female power, in all those changes that women have made in the last 50 years”

Chitè stands for women empowerment

Chitè gives voice to women with a feminine soul and strong character, who start from themselves to share their stories made of values, courage and ambitions.
A message promoted by Chitè’s iconic product: the Lover knicker.

A timeless satin or tulle slip, a manifesto for the community of independent and dynamic women represented by Chitè. Each knicker can be customized with personal messages and details.

“We are not talking about feminism, but about personal fulfillment, passion and ambition, values that are becoming the heart of today’s women”

Each month Chitè realises a capsule collection in collaboration with young designers, influencers and artists. The goal is to give rise to an up to date collection with a simple and refined style, enhancing femininity and comfort for women who share dreams, emotions and projects.

Chitè sustainable lingerie

The Lover’s club

Self-love and self-promotion: this is the philosophy of the Lover’s club. It is a lively and inclusive community which values the individuality of women in all its forms and facets, celebrating the uniqueness and the power of each of them with singular lingerie sets.

The sustainable soul of Chitè

Sustainability is part of the brand DNA and it is based on three pillars:

  • Made in Italy design and production
  • Use of sustainable fabrics
  • Inclusiveness and diversity as brand identity

“In a market quite totally relocated abroad, we give back work to many people. It is crucial for us to support the Italian manufacturing tradition”.

Designed for women, by women. It is time to fall in love with ourselves.

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