“B” for Benedita Formosinho

I was wandering Lisbon’s streets, when suddenly I took a dive back in time. In this neat and tidy boutique, I saw a woman who was cutting paper patterns.

She was Benedita, a portoguese fashion designer.

Who is Benedita Formosinho?

In 2016, Benedita graduated at the University of Lisbon in Fashion Design; later on she had an internship at Ricardo Preto’s design studio in order to gain some professional experience.

Inspired by the harmony of nature and by women everyday life, Benedita has launched her own fashion brand, focused on craftsmanship and noble materials.

Her collections tell a story that crosses time: pieces are timeless, the contrasting game of shapes grant the sustainable materials a key role, making the pieces unique.

“We know each piece has to keep up with the woman who wears it. Fashion to live in now and love forever.”

benedita formosinho

Sustainability starts from the design phase.

The design phase is responsible on average for 15% of textile waste, therefore Benedita has developed a small scale responsible production with limited quantities.

This system promotes a higher control along the supply chain and guarantees high quality, involving all the stakeholders.

The defined number of items produced, attach a sense of individuality to each of them, transmitting the emotions hiding behind the story of each piece.

The grace associated to the contemporary style of Benedita, invite you to immerse yourself in the nature of Portugal.

Benedita Formosinho sustainable fashion brand
Benedita Formosinho Atelier

Ethics and respect for workers are granted by the closeness with all the stakeholders.
The fashion brand has a strong commitment in fair trade practices, developed thanks to fully transparency and dialogue between the parties.

What are the materials used by Benedita Formosinho?

All the materials used in her collections are natural and autochthonous, 100% Made in Portugal.

The natural materials used are cotton, linen, silk, wool, cupro and deadstock fabric which is given a new life.

The suppliers are Portoguese factories located in different regions of the country, where local artisans know well the secrets and the traditions of craftsmanship.

The extension of the useful life of a product is one of the core principles in circular economy: does Benedita Formosinho undertake any recycle action?

In order to reduce waste, Benedita takes the used garments and regenerates the fibres, giving a new life to her collections.

Combining high quality materials and traditional weaving techniques in manual loom, she creates unique items like bags and jackets. She connects her contemporary style with the emotions and the traditions of her hometown, Setúbal.

The natural shapes and materials together with the authenticity of her pieces, make Benedita Formosinho’s collections timeless and unique.

Sustainable fashion: is it Portugal on the track?

Before the pandemic strongly affected the textile and the fashion industry, there was no downturn for Portuguese fashion.

In 2017 the Portuguese balance trade of the textile and clothing sector was over 1 billion euros.

The coverage rate reached 127%, representing the eighth consecutive year of growth with an important record for exports.

Also the Portuguese Fashion Week has always attracted many visitors in the last years. It is characterized by a double schedule: it starts in Porto and it ends in Lisbon, attracting an ever-growing international audience.

Portugal Fashion does not include ‘see now-buy now’ shows since it taking an interest in the eco-friendly sector.

There is already a selective network in place based on sustainable development.
The system of choice and support for designers includes focus on their points of view with respect to the environment and society. The Portuguese Association for Fashion Brands has a significant power in the industry and it supports actively the emergent designers which has embraced sustainability as their core business.

Where can we buy Benedita Formosinho collections?

The fashion brand has its own website with a detailed section dedicated to sustainability.
The e-commerce works well and it provides also free shipping to Portugal.

All the collections are present and the products have accurate explanations about their compositions and characteristics.

The first Atelier Benedita Formosinho was opened in Setúbal, her hometown, but now she has also a nice and cozy boutique in Lisbon, at Embaixada do Príncipe Real.

This wonderful Arabian Palace has been turned into a Shopping Gallery that hosts only local brands and artists focused on Portuguese design, craftsmanship, fashion, gastronomy and culture.

The authentic experience through tradition and contemporaneity is the perfect place for Benedita Formosinho’s collections, that fully express the precious heritage that Portugal has to offer.

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