In bold move, Armani to show latest fashion collection on tv runway

The next Giorgio Armani fashion show will be held behind closed doors with respect to the actual health situation.

This does not represented a limit for King Giorgio which turned the problem into an occasion to reach a wider public and make fashion even more inclusive.

In an recent interview to the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, Giorgio Armani explained that “It was an instinctive choice, born from the need to hold a conversation with the public.” He also added “This isn’t a direct challenge to the web, but a demonstration that there is an alternative to digital formats.”

For the first time, next September the 26th everyone will have access to the Giorgio Armani catwalk. A visionary step towards social inclusion, promoted by a combination of digital and television broadcast:

Emporio Armani menswear and womenswear collections for the Spring/Summer 2021 will be presented in digital format on, on the label’s social media channels and on the website of the Italian Fashion Chamber (CNMI).

Giorgio Armani main line will be the subject of a 40 minutes prime time live broadcast on Italian TV channel La7.

It has been since the 80s that stylists and fashion are no longer protagonists in the Italian television schedule, increasingly destined to reality shows and news.

Why did Giorgio take this revolutionary decision?

Giorgio Armani wants to promote an inclusive and democratic fashion, and there is no better way to do this than television: a device that has changed our lives and the world of communication, tuning the whole world.

By broadcasting his fashion show on tv, king Giorgio aims to enter our homes, bringing his elegant art among people, and spreading his message of positivity and essentiality.

How did Giorgio Armani start his career?

After withdrawing from Medicine studies, Giorgio started his career as window dresser at “La Rinascente”. After a while he became Cerruti’s assistant and only when he was 40 he started his own brand.

Famous all over the world for its timeless elegance, he is a great example of determination and humility.

From the very beginning he knew what sacrifice was: he sold his car to start his business and he has worked hard day and night to become someone.

His foresight, his elegance and his vision are what made him a great designer and a successful entrepreneur.

How did Giorgio Armani convert the pandemic crisis into a big opportunity to help the people and the planet?

  • He donated 2 million euros to hospitals and civil protection
  • He converted his Italian factories into the production of disposable gowns and masks
  • He wrote the famous letter to WWD spreading his message all over the world and leading a revolutionary movement, supporting many other brands and designers who want to start a true commitment towards the environment
  • He has announced to present seasonless collections during the Fashion Weeks
  • He will make the services of his tailoring available to customers: a wide repertoire of models, also from previous collections, will be proposed and revised based on the fabrics chosen and the changes requested.

From timeless elegance to minimalist fashion. Why did Giorgio Armani become king Giorgio?

I have always believed in an idea of timeless elegance, which is not only a precise aesthetic code, but also an approach to the design and making of garments that suggests a way of buying them: to make them last.

For the same reason, I find it absurd that, in the middle of winter, one can only find linen dresses in the shops and alpaca coats in the summer, for the simple reason that the desire to purchase must be satisfied immediately.

giorgio armani

Remove the superfluous and redefine the times. This is something at the base of Giorgio Armani philosophy.

Iconic garments like his deconstructed jacket that accompanied the emancipation of career women who needed to be elegant and comfortable at the same time, is a clear example.

Giorgio aramani jacket

A femininity characterized by simple lines, refined materials and timeless dresses that enhance sensuality and elegance.

It is time for the entire fashion industry to return to convey the values of authenticity and quality, embracing the harmony and beauty of nature and of our time.

There is a true need to revive the essence and values that bind brands to people, enhancing a unique and sincere bond that only the world of luxury is able to offer.

Respect for the seasons and the production of iconic garments are essential to rediscover the identity of the brand and to create a direct contact with people. Also through mass communication tools like television.

Giorgio Armani has not only changed and revolutionized Made in Italy and fashion in the world, but he is giving life lessons to the new generations day by day, being an charismatic and elegant leader.

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