“A” for Actandbe – Sustainable activewear made in Spain

Act in order to be.

Sustainability is neither a trend nor just a word, it does not fade over time.
It is a way of life, a belief, a journey and we are invited to undertake it, step by step, all together.

Everyday we hear people talking and promoting sustainability, but what are we actually doing in order to be sustainable?

Words are not enough, real change makers are the people who act, like Laura G Arriaga, founder of Actandbe.

Who is Laura G. Arriaga, the founder of Actandbe?

When she had to choose the brand’s name, she started from a word “active”, which happened to be her mission too.

Laura wanted to create a community of women who are alive, who act and who dare. Women who are free to move, to dance, to live, and who want to take part in her mission: have a positive impact on our planet.

Starting from this idea, she has developed a versatile collection of active wear which can be worn both inside and outside the gym.

All her pieces enhance free movement and dynamism, encouraging women to adopt a healthy lifestyle, being active and free.

What is the mission of the brand?

“Mueve el culo por el pianeta” is the slogan printed on some pieces of her collection.

The invitation to “buy less and dance more” wearing comfortable and sexy outfits hide also a further solicitation.

Let’s do something for our planet , let’s play an active lifestyle in our mission to save the planet: “Be cool, act green”. Outfits are provided, let’s put the energy.

Moved by this strong will, Laura has launched her ecological sportswear collection 100% Made in Spain. The local production ensures fully transparency and traceability all over the supply chain, from design to packaging, reducing the emissions caused by transports and guaranteeing the fair trade.

Actandbe – a 100% sustainable collection.
What about the materials?

Actandbe collections are made of:

    Organic cotton saves up 80% of water and it is cultivated fairly without using pesticides and herbicides.
    Bamboo is easy to grow and it does not even need pesticides because it is naturally protected. For this reason, its fibres can be transformed into antibacterial fabrics without the need of any treatment.
    The Recycled Polyester (RPET) is the excess material classified as industrial waste and meant for ending up in landfills. The regeneration of these huge amounts of fabrics give them a second life, creating a precious opportunity for us and especially for the planet.

Actandbe and the attention to the environment

From the design phase, Actandbe cares about the environment and it fights the overproduction following the on-demand system.

New batches are manufactured only after the consumers place the orders.

The small quantities produced and the exclusive limited editions promoted by the brand, reduce drastically the impact on the environment.

Actandbe wants to take an active part in this Green revolution, spreading a positive message and leading by example.

For every order received, ActandBe plants a tree in order to repopulate natural areas of the planet, restoring the vital connection between humankind and nature.

Nowadays it is not enough to use sustainable materials and to trace the entire supply chain to become a sustainable brand, it is needed a paradigm shifts.

People want to feel part of this green revolution. People want to act.

Actandbe is much more than a sportswear brand, it guides a community of women who take care about themselves and about their planet, leaving an invaluable heritage to their children:
a healthy planet.

Mueve el culo por el planeta, act.
The planet needs you.

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