Davines – Sustainability as a Winning Factor

There is a company – proudly Italian – that has made of sustainability a pillar of its business model and of research a constant challenge. Davines, is a beacon in the sustainbale beauty arena.

As I have explained in my previous article, there are many ways in which we can make the beauty industry sustainable. Let’s see together who is Davines.

Who is Davines?

Founded in Parma in 1983 by Silvana and Gianni Bollati, Davines is now a global company with 3 brands in its portfolio and a total turnover of 163 mil € in 2019.

They started as a research laboratory producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic brands worldwide. Later on, in ‘93, they expanded their field of action by launching the Davines brand of professional products for hairdressers, followed in ’96 by Comfort Zone, a cosmetic line for high-end spas and beauty centers.

“Beauty and Sustainability” are the concepts behind every Davines project, from formulation to design, to corporate ethics and customers.

Davines’s Manifesto

“By creating Beauty in a sustainable way, we encourage People to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, and of the things they love.

GIanni bollati

It is therefore not difficult to imagine the reasons that led Davines to be crated as a B Corp.

What is a B Corp and why is related with sustainability?

The Benefit companies, better known as B Corporations, are companies whose corporate form provides in the articles of incorporation the possibility of allocating part of the profits to “other” activities that do not only concern profit.

To declare itself a Benefit company, it is required that the company exhibits moral rectitude as to achieve the economic objectives set by pursuing the same social objectives and environmental protection.

In 2016, Davines obtained the B Corp Certification, which was reconfirmed in 2020 after undergoing an assessment of its degree of social and environmental performance in five areas: Governance, people, community, environment and customers.

Davines’ commitment to sustainability

To be involved not only in activities that support the environment and sustainable products but to be committed also to social responsibility.

Being the best for the world, creators of good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability.

Gianni Bollati, founder of Davines reports this concept in every activity related to the company, from formulations to packaging and more.

The company is committed daily to:

  1. Increase the use of natural and highly biodegradable ingredients for the production of products
  2. Reduce harmful emissions and increasing the use of electricity from renewable sources
  3. Optimize the use of water resources in the various production phases as well as incrementing recycling practices
  4. Reduce and ration packaging materials

As we said, the company must be exhibit not only environmental but also social responsibility.

The Group allows employees of the Parma office to devote up to four working days a year to charitable activities, provided that as many days of their free time are dedicated to the same cause.

If it is true that the ability to look beyond one’s own horizons helps to design the present by pointing to a future that makes us better, it is true even more for Davines.

Davines, through the “I Sustain Beauty” campaign, invites the international community of beauty professionals to leave a positive mark through projects related to the environment, society and art.

I sustain Beauty Davines
“I Sustain Beauty”

It pays particular attention not only to the final consumer but also to suppliers, an essential link in the sustainability chain.

“Virtuous Suppliers” is a Davines project that clearly conveys the idea of vision and action. It provides for a selection of suppliers based on the sharing of values with those of the company and, in some cases, Davines supports the same companies in achieving the B Corp certification.

“Sustainability is basically nothing more than the intelligence of living. ”

There is a multitude of reasons to fall in love with Davines like the “Davines New Way” or “Compensated CO2 Packaging”.

To read more about both initiatives please visit the company website here, where you can discover the entire product line as well as contribute to environmental protection, since Davines adheres to “1% for the Planet”. One Percent for the Planet is an international organization whose members contribute at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes.

Isn’t this enough to run to Davines and discover this wonderful hair-care sustainable brand?


  • Nadege Konyn
    February 22, 2021 at 2:11 pm

    The circular economy for recycled and recyclable material is the future of packaging. Davines does a great job of making it a priority! Congratulations Sustainable Magazine for making it your priority to talk about it. Beautifully written!

  • Glynne
    March 3, 2021 at 4:15 am

    We have been a Davines salon now for over 6 years and are constantly blown away with the quality of there products, they are incredible and all this done whilst taking every step taken to become more sustainable
    We love being part of this amazing family
    The Station Hair and Beauty

  • Paolo D'Apollo
    March 3, 2021 at 8:22 pm

    Questo progetto ci rende fieri di essere italiani un’azienda italiana completamente eco sostenibile è un onore complimenti


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